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Automotive directory interesting both novice enthusiasts and professionals in the field of motor vehicles. It contains information on a large number of models of cars and other vehicles. The Handbook covers information on manufacturers years in the production of machines and technical specifications of models and modifications.

In this article systematizes information of the manufacturers and data reference that allows one to obtain complete and accurate information for each model. The history of the car The first known drawings of the car with spring drive belong to Leonardo da Vinci however, neither the current instance, no information about its existence to the present day have not reached. In 2004, the experts of the Museum of history of science of Florence were able to recover the drawings of this car thus proving the correctness of the ideas of Leonardo. In the Renaissance and later in several European countries, self-propelled carts and carriages with box-spring engine built in single quantities to participate in the masquerades and parades.

In Russia in 1780-ies on a project car worked well-known Russian inventor Ivan Kulibin. In 1791 it was made a wagon-camarada in which he used a flywheel brake box speed rolling bearings, etc. The development of light, compact and fairly powerful internal combustion engine has opened up opportunities for the development of the car. In 1885, German inventor Gottlieb Daimler in 1886 his compatriot K.

Benz produced and patented the first self-moving crews with petrol engines. In 1895, Karl Benz built the first bus with ice. In 1896, Gottlieb Daimler made the first taxi and the truck. In the last decade of the XIX century in Germany, France and England emerged the automotive industry.

A considerable contribution to the wide dissemination of road transport made by the American inventor and industrialist G. Ford widely used conveyor system of the Assembly of cars. In the first quarter of the twentieth century, widespread electric cars and cars with a steam engine. In 1900, about half of the cars in the US were steam-go in the 1910s in new York in a taxi worked to 70 thousand electric vehicles.

In the same 1900 Ferdinand Porsche designed an electric car with four driving wheels which houses leading them to move the motors. Two years later, the Dutch firm Spyker has released a racing car with all-wheel drive is equipped with a center differential. In 1906, steam car Stanley had set a speed record of 203 mph. The model 1907 was driving on one tank of water 50 miles.

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