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The best examples of the first battery to the late 19th century. had the specific mass energy of 7-8 Utckg with continuous discharge current samples 40-47 Utckg. Now available sealed car batteries with immobilized gelled or absorbed electrolyte, these batteries provide performance in any position and are used in backup systems and emergency power supply home appliances, etc. Active substance of lead battery participating in colobrush reactions are In the course of discharge of the battery active mass of the negative electrode is transformed from spongy lead into lead sulfate with the change of grey on light grey giving two electrons in an electrical circuit.

Active mass of the positive electrode during discharge is converted from PbO2 lead dioxide as active mass of the negative electrode into lead sulfate PbSO4 with change of color from dark brown to light brown absorbing two electron. As a result of the discharge of the battery active materials PbO2 and positive Pb and negative electrodes are converted to lead sulfate PbSO4. In this case the formation of lead sulphate is spent sulfuric acid that causes a decrease in electrolyte concentration and as a consequence the decrease of its density. The overall reaction on discharge of the accumulator When charging the battery go back in the opposite direction in which inter alia the formation of sulfuric acid resulting in the charge increases the density of the electrolyte.

The total equation of process of the charge When the reactions of transformation of substances in the active masses of the positive and negative electrodes is completed, the electrolyte density ceases to change what is the indication of completion of battery charge. In the further continuation of the charge occurs so-called secondary process - electrolytic decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen. Standing out from the electrolyte in the form of gas bubbles, they create the illusion of boiling electrolyte that also serves as a sign of completion of the charge process. Each battery consists of spatially separated dissimilar electrodes immersed in the electrolyte solution and placed in a robust housing which is resistant to the chemical action of the electrolyte mechanical loads and temperature fluctuations.

Active mass of the electrode has a high porosity 47-60% and have charged batteries at the positive electrode is composed mainly of lead dioxide PbO2 85-90% and the negative electrode of spongy lead Pb 80-90 %. Previously, for the manufacture of the housing of the batteries used ebonite which has.

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