Charging a car battery — what to choose and how to charge

12 january 2017, 19:39

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The problem of a dead battery across almost all motorists. We will not go into the causes of the incident, consider how to remedy the situation. In this case the problem of charging the car battery can be solved in two ways. This so-called quick way to recharge the battery for those who are pressed for time and need to start as soon as possible.

The battery in this case can not be removed from the vehicle. What should I do to charge a car battery in this case So, in order. Disconnect from the battery both wires remove them from the terminals and move away. Connect wires output battery charger to the battery terminals according to the marking + positive terminal and - negative.

At the terminals of podsednik specified polarity cannot be mixed up Set the current regulator to maximum and switch on charger at the mains. After 20-30 minutes, disconnect the wires of the charger and fasten automotive wire to the battery terminals. Again, observe the polarity of the Next step start the engine. The starting current will be enough to start and then the alternator will do everything himself.

To be sure you can drive the engine for 5-10 minutes at high speed. If you have time enough it is better to hold a full charge the car battery. To do this, release the battery from the wires and remove it from under the hood. Put it in the garage or in the absence of that apartment.

To carry out the process of recharging must be carried out in a dry place. Prepare the battery in the process cleaned the terminals of oxides and are plumbing vents in plastic tubes cans. Then you attach the wire clamps of the charger plus to plus minus to minus. Expose the charging current to the minimum and turn the charger into a power outlet.

Caution: First, connect the wires to the battery and only then included in the network and not Vice versa Full battery charging occurs for 24 hours on a full charge the battery on the charging device lights up the indicator of the end of the process. Car power supply is ready for operation and can be installed in the car. How to charge a car battery, we already know. Now consider the questions that arise when choosing the device recharging.

Online there are two types of chargers. One on the front panel near the controller is mounted voltmeter ammeter others. Naturally the question arises what the difference is For the battery, in principle there is no difference. He charged out of each device.

The difference will be spent in personal time. The device is equipped with ammeter produce a charge on the basis of a constant amperage. That is, the battery requires 60Ач.

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