How to choose a car power inverter

12 january 2017, 19:39

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Car power inverter is essentially an electric transformer which converts the voltage of the vehicle electrical system from 12 volts to 220. It is necessary first to connect the charging devices laptops cameras camcorders and other household appliances. Connects and installs the inverter, depending on the type and capacity portable and stationary and so on. The inverter is a metal or plastic boxes with output under Auroville outlet and power lead are most often plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

It should be noted that if you plan to connect the inverter to the car with capacity of over 300 Watt this inverter connects directly to the battery. This is necessary in order to avoid melting wiring harness of the car when using the maximum power and peak loads. Inverters with power up to 300 Watts can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket. The power inverter should be chosen from the alleged power of consumers plus 20 30 % of the stock.

Power consumers should be taken from technological signs on the devices. For example, if necessary, simultaneous charging of the laptop camera and use of the printer, you must calculate the rated power of the devices We obtain the total power of 195 Watts add 30% 60 Watt it is necessary for the avoidance of overloading and overheating when the launcher loads. In order to use the listed devices we need an inverter with a capacity of not less than 255 Watts. Or if you take another example.

This Is required to transport a certain quantity of the frozen products and for this it is necessary to connect the camera via the inverter to the road network. Compressor power is 300 Watts but it has the feature of high starting power which is 0.9 KW. It follows from this that the power inverter should be at least 1 KW.

On the market inverters with various capacities from 20 Watts to mobile phones and up to 4,000 Watts for high-power devices pumps compressors and so on. There are inverters of various companies and manufacturers which have slightly different circuitry performance for improvement of certain qualities of the inverter protection starting current operation time cooling and much more. Optimum operation of the inverter is achieved on a running engine, and at least 2,000 obmin that is in motion. At idle 700 obmin automotive alternator will not cope with the maintenance of the required charge.

In General, the operation time of the inverter from the battery is calculated according to the formula T h= SAC x 8.5 RVT where T working time With the battery in Amerchich R power of the connected consumer For example, a printer with a capacity of 100 Watts from.

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