images/stories/Miscellaneous/2015/Raf_gold_on_blue460x306.jpg We remind You that the insurance R

12 january 2017, 19:38

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imagesstoriesMiscellaneous2015Rafgoldonblue460x306.jpg We remind You that the insurance risk..

imagesstoriesMiscellaneous2017kamaz2017mini.jpg In Moscow hosted a press-conference dedicated to..

imagesstoriesdrift2016drift1etapmini.jpg Published the calendar of competitions of the Russian ..

imagesstoriesMiscellaneous2016awardraf2016mini.jpg Moscow hosted the annual ceremony awarde..

imagesstoriesMiscellaneous2015Rafgoldonblue460x306.jpg We remind You that insurance against the risk of an accident included in the national license of the driver mechanic and referees RAF and also insurance of responsibility of organizers of sporting events in the insurance company agreed to do at competitions held in the framework imagesstoriesMiscellaneous2017chagindr2017mini.jpg Today the 5th of January, your Birthday said without exaggeration one of the most legendary figures in national Motorsport. Vladimir Chagin was 47 years old.

According to tradition the King of deserts in this day is not a festive table and next to 4th January on the territory of the Motorsport complex Atron located in the suburbs of Ryazan passed the all-Russian seminar for referees in automobile sport. Led training sessions referee Oleg Pchelintsev. 4 January 2017, the year in two cities will be held all-Russian training seminars for referees in Yekaterinburg - in the Palace of game kinds of sport in Ryazan - Motorsport venue Atron. imagesstoriesMiscellaneous2017ngrh2017rafsite.

jpg Friends congratulations to all with upcoming new year Wish you all happiness, success and endless good luck May all your dreams next year will be at least a step closer to implementation imagesstoriesMiscellaneous2016kyrjanovdrmini.jpg Today 29th Dec celebrates his birthday the President of the Russian automobile Federation Viktor Kiryanov. When you enable the referees in the judicial Collegium of official competitions held in accordance with the Unified calendar plan of sporting events of the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation should be guided by the document of Qualification requirements for judges of sports by sport auto racing approved by the Ministry of sports of Russia from 21 December in the government House of Kaluga region held a meeting with sports Minister Alexei Loginov. The Russian automobile Federation was represented by the Executive Secretary of the RAF Svetlana Shakhova and Secretary of the RAF Cup at the retro rally Evgeny Forty.

Kaluga side, the meeting was also attended by Deputy mayor imagesstoriesMiscellaneous2017kamaz2017mini.jpg In Moscow has passed a press-the conference devoted to the forthcoming participation of crews of the Russian team KAMAZ-master rally-raids Dakar and Africa Eco race which will be held in January 2017.

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