News 11 Jan, 2017 In April of this year, the car market of China will get another new.

12 january 2017, 19:38

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News 11 Jan 2017 In April of this year, the car market of China will get another new. We are talking about the brand rather Changan Ruixing about the sub-brand and model of the minivan Q50. These machines will be equipped with 15-liter turbo engine. Capacity exceeds 150 force torque.

. News Soon, i.e.

in 2017 and 2018 across Europe will install 400 electric gas stations able to charge any electric car in a few minutes. One connector will be supplied 350 kW or more. The company.

. News In March of this year in China will be an electric crossover car manufactured by the concern of the GAC. The model is called GE3 and it is intended for export to America. Power reserve of new items is 310 km.

The power of the engine exceeds 160.. News Yesterday, on 9 January became known as looks like an American Camry sedan eighth generation.

New generation refers to the year 2018. Compared to the existing generation of novelty was more stylish 2 inches lengthened wheelbase roof..

News Everyone knows that the company Adient annually supplies the market with 25 million car seats. And now starting in 2017, the firm will produce innovative products we are talking about the Vision chair Seat constructed of the same group..

News Very few of the cars denoted by the index LCK613 have been able to survive to the present day. We are talking about buses discontinued in 2009. They were produced under the brand name Bova and was equipped with a diesel engine XE280C1. News Mercedes-Benz recently updated model of compact crossover.

It's called the GLA-Class and belongs to 2018. In design there was led headlights and 8-inch display now available in each of the configurations. News In America will be withdrawn cars produced under the brands Audi and Volkswagen. We are talking about wagons and sedans the Jetta on the Audi A3 and some others.

The problem lies in the fact that when soldering electronic.. News SUVs Acura new model year meant for Japan market but also for export but in Russia they will not ever.

The model is called MDX and is equipped with a hybrid. The basis of this setup is the V6 engine which..

News On the back of any car has at least four indicator. And in each of them, the company Quanergy is planning to build a radar. We are talking about solid-state laser radars S3. One of the two modules will be sent back or.

. News The following that is in 2018 in China starts production of electric vehicles called Urban Mobile Box. The project was developed thanks to the firm UiSee but the build will be assigned to one of the industrial concerns.

Inside electric we see.. Club of motorists of Voronezh Ruixing van was equipped with miniature drives 11 Jan 2017 Charging station for Tesla brand managed to overtake three times 11 Jan.

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