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Navigator gt Technology gt Essays gt road transport.. Download Car transport The content of the essay 1 the Role transport in the reproduction process.

Features car transport 1.1. Transportation as a specific sphere of material production. 2.

Factors of location of territorial accommodation 2.1 Geography of road transport 2.2 Economic characteristics 3. Modern problems Selected our topic is the most relevant today because road transport is the most mass industry which has long took and firmly holds the leading position in the transport the complex of the country.

With this kind of transport we meet and have a close interaction every day can see his shortcomings blunders conversion etc In in this work we will attempt to reveal the following aspects of this topic the place and role of transport in the reproduction process of road transport. Transportation as a specific sphere of material production and composition the structure of the Unified transport system of Russia and place it in the car transport. Factors of placement. Territorial location.

Geography road transport. Economic characteristics of the automobile of transport of Russia and modern problems This the study was carried out in the period 1997-2002, the company used all the known methods of research of economic cartographic analysis a statistical technique and factor analysis ..

In a state so vast as our brand the special role played by transport. The role and economic and political and if want psychological..

transportation is more than just the economy.. In Russia with its vast territory it is transport which unites in a single the complex is literally all sectors of the economy.

It is transport which ensures not only the normal life of the state and its national safety and integrity. Transport in Russia occupied a special place and at the turn of the century, we are entitled rightly to say about it historical role in the formation and development of the Russian State. Rarely the sky of Russia was a peaceful and prosperous revolution, war, famine and ruin in the years of recovery of the economy. But history shows that every time revival of our country began with the development of transport .

.Transport should give the economy something more than just the necessary bandwidth and required capabilities.

. the single national economic complex of the country transport occupies a special place. He is one of the branches forming infrastructure of the national economy. The ever-increasing scale social production expanded.

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